Treat Rashes Under Breasts Easily


Rashes under the breast is quite common in women who have large breasts or are overweight. Also referred to as intertrigo, this is best characterized as irritation that appears under the fold of the breasts. There are many reasons for rashes to appear under the breasts such as constant sweating, ill-fitting bra, and even lack of air circulating between your skin and clothes. Food allergies can also contribute to the problem. That said, you are probably thinking of how you can alleviate the irritation to get some relief. Here are few remedies that may help solve the problem safely.


If you have cornstarch in your pantry then you are in luck as this kitchen staple is known to provide relief from the burning and itchy sensation that is emanating from under your breasts. You will need to clean the area first then pat your skin dry before applying the cornstarch powder on the affected area. If the rashes under your breasts have fungus, switch to talcum powder instead.

Aloe vera

Another remedy that can help reduce the rashes under your breasts is to apply the gel of aloe vera on the affected area. You can harvest the gel from the leaf of the plant then apply on the rashes to help soothe the itching and inflammation. Leave it on for 20 minutes then rinse with cool water. You will need to do reapply the gel 2 to 3 times in a day until the rashes clear up.

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You can also use lemon water to help you deal with the rashes, but you will need to dilute the lemon juice first before applying on the affected area. The vitamin C that is present in the lemon juice works as an antibacterial that can help clear up the area as soon as possible.


Chamomile may be good to drink in tea form, but another way to use this herb is to reduce the rashes under your breasts. You can apply cool or warm chamomile tea on the rashes if you like to help deal with the irritation. The oils that are present in the chamomile flowers, such as bisabolol oxides A and B, work as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the rashes.

These are just a few remedies that you can try out if the rashes under your breasts are giving you a hard time.


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