The Eyes Can Tell A Lot About Our Health


Our body can be really amazing. If something is not the way it should be then the body usually gives us some kind of a sign in order to warn us about that. One of those signs comes through our eyes.

They say the eyes are a window to the soul, but actually, they can be a window to our health because they can tell you what is wrong. Take a look at these eye symptoms and their meaning:

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A Persisting Style

This condition may be painful a little and it is very irritating however usually it last only a couple of days. However, if this condition happens to be here over a longer period let’s say 3 months then it may be a rare type of cancer that is called sebaceous gland carcinoma. This may also apply if the condition repeats all the time on the same spot.

Loss of the eyebrows

There are a lot of reasons for hair loss to happen. However, if the outer part of your eyebrow hair starts to fall off then this is an indication for an issue and it is usually with the thyroid gland.

Blurry Vision

Usually, you experience this condition if you are working in front of a computer constantly. If this happens when you are staring at your screen then this is the syndrome of a computer vision or with other words, your eyes get trained because they work hard to focus on the pixels and on the contract they get from the computer.

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A Blind Spot

This condition also indicates on other problems, for example, if you happen to have a blind spot, with a wavy line or shimmering light, which can usually come together with a headache, then this can be a result of a migraine.

Bulging Eyes

This condition can be connected with the thyroid gland. Usually, the reason for protruding eyes is hypertension or that means that the thyroid is overactive.

Whites of The Eyes Turn Yellow

This issue is called jaundice and it usually happens to newborns because their liver is not mature enough to function well, however, this can happen to adults as well. In this case, it also means problems with the liver, bile or gallbladder.

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Blurred Vision in a Diabetic

Usually, the people that face with diabetes are also having some issues with their eyes. One of them is the diabetic retinopathy which means that the circulatory system of the eye does not work properly which can result with blindness.

Double Vision, Dim Vision or Vision Loss

All of these issues can be related to a stroke so it is really important to go to your doctor if you notice something like this.


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