The 6 Natural Foods That Balance Hormones and Are Good For Your Skin


As you make your way through certain sections in the supermarket, you find yourself confronted by a series of choices. You constantly ask which vegetable is best and most tasty. You ask which protein-based food makes you meals better, and healthier. Or which nuts have the lowest caloric content. But has it ever crossed your mind to ask which one helps your body balance its hormones? That’s pretty important as well.

Experts believe that of all the hormones, the one that mostly causes the skin to break is testosterone. It is also believed that consuming the right kinds of food has a very big impact when trying to balance testosterone levels. However, it’s not all about just trying to have a proper diet. It’s about looking for the correct food that balances testosterone and any other hormone. Plumping up your skin, fighting wrinkles and acne are some of the effects of eating the following food.

Forget Weight Watchers And Focus On Your Hormonal Imbalance Instead


Quinoas are very popular nowadays, as it should be. It has a truck-load of essential vitamins and minerals such as protein and magnesium. But that’s not all, it can also balance hormonal levels. Experts believe that because quinoas are complex carbohydrates which have lots of protein, it’s better than other kinds of grain. Quinoas keep blood sugar levels balanced.Because of this, blood sugar levels don’t spike and the level of androgen in the body is kept at bay. Replace bread and rice with quinoas, Two cups of quinoas in a week is recommended. More would be better.

Almond Nuts

These types of nuts, like any of the healthy nuts are great for your skin. But almonds increase adiponectic hormones which also keep blood sugar at a minimum. This in turn leads to low androgen levels. Researchers have also discovered that consuming these nuts lowers the level of hormones commonly found in men, like testosterone. These manly hormones cause skin to dry and thin out. Experts suggest consuming 11 almond nuts daily.


This is the fruit that needs no introduction. They’re delicious and they have loads of benefits for your body. Experts state that just like other healthy fats (olive and coconut oil), an avocado can aid in the production of good cholesterol, which is essential when it comes to synthesizing hormones. Synthesizing hormones allows for a better circulation and release of such hormones and keeps the skin healthy and glowing. Another advantage of consuming avocados is because it contains healthy fats, the lipid layers of the skin is reinforced and the membranes are strengthened and fortified. This allows the skin to keep its moisture and look alive and well.

Lose Weight Fast with this Avocado Diet Plan

Think of this: an avocado halve daily is all you need to get the good fats into your system, along with fiber, potassium, and a host of other great and healthy ingredients. It also has lutein which protects the skin against the harmful and damaging rays of the sun.


Some might call this the wonderfish because of the sublime benefits it provides for both the brain and the heart. But it’s also great when it comes to regulating hormone levels. If an avocado has healthy fats, salmon has some of its own in the form of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3s are an essential foundation when it comes to synthesizing both cholesterol and hormones. As an added feature, consuming salmon can give relief to skin problems such as acne and eczema since the fish can also fight inflammation. Four ounces two times weekly, experts recommend, should do the trick.

Egg yolks

Experts agree that even though egg yolks have high levels of cholesterol, it has a lot of good cholesterol. In fact, the cholesterol it contains the kind of cholesterol you need to manufacture hormones. And with this production of hormones, skin will naturally become softer and suppler. An egg a day is the recommended serving.



This particular veggie along with spinach and Brussels sprouts are highly recommended if you want your hormones regulated. Leafy veggies have naturally manufactured compounds that enhance the liver’s capability for the metabolism of estrogen. For women, estrogen is a must since it raises
the level of collagen. Collagen is what allows the skin to retain its tautness and firmness. It also facilitates blood flow to the skin so it can heal itself quickly after being damaged. Experts state that when the level of estrogen in your body goes down, things start to get smaller and pull inward. A half-cup of dark leafy veggies daily is recommended.


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