Study Finds: Eating Raw Garlic Twice a Week Reduces Cancer Risk by 50%


Garlic is not only a savory spice that flavors Italian food, it has been used to promote health all over the world.

Used for thousands of years not only for taste but its medicinal qualities, studies have now shown that garlic can prevent cancer, reducing risk by up to 50%!

How this actually works is found in the release of organ sulfur compounds when a bulb of garlic is broken into cloves.

When ingested, these compounds are excreted through the lungs (garlic breath) but it is precisely this phenomenon that scientists believe provide the protection from cancer.

Cooking and pickling reduce the efficacy of the active sulfur so the study involved raw garlic. Of a group of 1424 people with active lung cancer and 4543 healthy others, taking into consideration other risks for cancer including smoking, exposure to oil fumes from high-heat cooking, and other environmental factors, eating raw garlic at least twice a week significantly decreased the risk of contracting lung cancer.

We can all Agree That it’s Better to Prevent Cancer than to Treat it.

Another study specifically concentrated on the chemical in garlic that arrests cancer growth. A sulfur derivative, diallyl disulfide “inhibits cell proliferation in many cancer cell lines”. Not only was growth stopped but cancer cells died within twenty-four hours.

In light of the fact that chemotherapy can cause cancer, prevention and natural treatment are much preferred. You can get the benefits without the toxic side effects.

Garlic’s Pungent Punch isn’t Limited to Cancer.

Due to its antioxidative properties, other research has found garlic effective in treating colds, infections, diabetes, and preventing heart disease. Black garlic contains even twice as many antioxidants as white garlic. Garlic supplements exist, however, it’s unknown if these are as effective as the fresh version.

The Stinky Part–Well, if your Meal Cohorts Enjoy the same Foods, They’ll Barely Smell it.

The idea of eating raw garlic may make you apprehensive–you do, after all, want to be able to interact with other people without them needing a gas mask.

It’s not difficult to incorporate raw garlic into your diet: an aioli dip or salad dressing; added to gazpacho or salsa (great summertime foods); in a fresh pesto; on a bruschetta; in a Mediterranean salad with raw basil, tomatoes, and bocconcini; or mixed in with avocado for guacamole (double the super food impact!).

Try some raw parsley or an apple as a natural breath freshener and added nutrition.


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