Natural Remedies For Your Watery Eyes


Our eyes need tears to help keep them healthy and well lubricated, plus it gets rid of foreign particles that may be irritating your eyes. However, when there is excessive tear formation, you may end up with watery eyes.

Watery eyes, also referred to as epiphora, are common in most people because they have excess tears. This can leave you with that glassy look that can cause tears to drop from your eyes. This eye condition can happen regardless of your age, but it is common in little ones who are 2 years old and below and in seniors who are 60 and above.

How can you correct this problem? Here are a few tips to try out.

Warm compress

If your epiphora is caused by pink eyes, inflammation in your eyelids, or dry eyes even, using warm compress is highly recommended. Soak a clean cloth in hot water, then wring to remove any excess water. Apply this on your closed eyes and leave it for a minute. Soak the cloth once more in the same water then repeat. You should do this for 10 minutes. Rinse your eyes afterwards with lukewarm water. This remedy can be done two times a day.

Rose water

Did you know that rose water is a great antiseptic? This can help treat any eye infection that you may have. Place 2 drops of rose water in your eyes using an eye dropper twice a day. You can even make an eye rinse by adding 3 to 4 drops of rose water in a glass of distilled water and use it to cleanse your eyes. The effects are almost the same.

Carrot juice

If you want to minimize the excess tears in your eyes, you should drink carrot juice every day. The beta-carotene content in the carrot has been found to be useful in protecting your eyes against inflammation and irritation.

Cold milk

Another technique that can help reduce water eyes is to apply cold milk on your eyes. Simply soak a clean cloth in cold milk then place over your closed eyes. Allow the milk to seep into your eyes to help heal them. These remedies have been found to be effective in reducing epiphora or watery eyes. The best part? You’ll be able to keep your eyes healthy in the process too which is good for you.


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