Know This Elementary Technique And You Will Forget About Facial Hair Forever. The Effect Is Amazing!


The excessive growth of hairs on our face and in different parts of our body has consequences that exceed aesthetics. How to know what produces it and find a solution.

In general, this depends on hormonal factors. Androgens, which are the male hormones, generate this change. When they increase in the female body-for some reason-they cause the hair to become terminal hair, thicker and pigmented than a woman usually has.

It is not that we are talking about a specific disease, but a symptom that, often, is the manifestation of other disorders that should be properly consulted with a doctor. Some of them are hypothyroidism, polycystic ovary syndrome, ovarian hypertecosis and congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

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There’s no need to have more unwanted hair on your face. Removing facial hair forever is one of the dreams of every woman. The development of unwanted hair produced by hormonal imbalance, pregnancy or use of certain drugs, negatively affects the appearance and self-esteem of those who suffer.

For that reason today we bring you a recipe that will allow you to eliminate facial hair, do not let those hairs continue to bother you and affect your life.

There are multiple techniques to suppress facial hair such as waxing, laser hair removal, electrolysis, etc., although they are expensive and not every woman can access them.

However, there are old handmade recipes that are very efficient and are available to each and every one, as we present it below:

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– 10 tablespoons of water

– 2 tablespoons of sugar

– 2 small tablespoons of lemon juice

– 1 bowl to intermix


Mix the sugar and water in the bowl, and at the time the solution is ready, add the lemon juice and intermix.

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Put this preparation in the direction of hair development, and let it act for 15 to 20 minutes.

Then wash with water, rubbing the mixture gently with your hands.

Repeat this process 2 to 3 times a week to clearly suppress facial hair.

The sugar together with the lemon juice will help to whiten the skin naturally and exfoliate it.

These combined ingredients help to effectively remove hair on the face, like other parts of the body, although it should not be used on sensitive parts.


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