Facts About OVARIES That Every Woman Should Know


Our ovaries can actually feel when we are experiencing stress and you know that there are consequences from that. Women do not take care of these organs except when they want to get pregnant.

However, these little organs with the shape of a nut are really important in our daily life.

That is why you should know more about them. Read these facts below:

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They are producing a lot of hormones!

Our ovaries are producing the estrogen and progesterone, which are hormones responsible for the development of the body during puberty in women, like for example menstruation, growing of breasts and spreading of the hips.

These hormones are also preparing the uterus for pregnancy by producing enough hormones. Furthermore, they are also producing the testosterone however in small quantities compared to the estrogen, which is regulating the sexual drive.

They are changing the size!

Their size is not static and can vary during the menstrual period and our lives.

Usually, the size is 3-5 cm and can vary every month when the ovarian cells get released.

Furthermore, there can be a small, not dangerous cyst formed during ovulation that can also have an effect on the ovaries to grow. However, all of the changes stop when the menopause starts and then the ovaries get smaller.

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They are feeling the stress!

According to the gynecologists, the ovaries get affected by stress situations. When we are experiencing trauma or for example lower our weight drastically, the ovaries will stop to produce egg cells, which represents a natural defense of our organism.

They can be the reason for acne!

The ovaries are important for the hormonal balance. However, this balance can get disrupted for example with the condition of polycystic ovary syndrome. If the level of testosterone is really low, then that may cause acne to appear. Also, it is possible to get malformation of the female spots and weight changes.

The pills are good for them!

The contraceptive pills are good for the ovarian because they are lowering the risk of cancer.

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These pills also have an effect of lowering the danger in women who have the mutated genes BRCA1 and BRCA2, because they can cause ovarian cancer. According to the researches, the antibacterial pills are also lowering the risk of this cancer by 50%.


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