Eat Raw Organic Pumpkin Seeds To Kill Cancer Cells!


Pumpkins aren’t just awesome orange fruits (technically they are indeed a fruit) that we carve into scary faces for Halloween and then leave them to rot on the street.

It turns out that pumpkins offer so much more. To begin with, pumpkins can be used to make delicious soups and vegetable dishes. On the subject of Halloween and pumpkin carving however, when we scoop out the insides of the pumpkin, we often discard the flesh and some of the most nutritious parts. Yep, we’re talking about the seeds.

Pumpkin seeds are actually incredibly nutritious, but did you know how nutritious? Well, from everything from killing cancer cells to improving eye health, raw organic pumpkin seeds are ideal. Here’s a look at some key health benefits that they provide.

Great for the heart

One key benefit associated with pumpkin seeds is the fact that they’re rich in heart-healthy magnesium. They’re rich in antioxidants which reduce inflammation, which could potentially damage the heart.

They also contain zinc, magnesium, and fatty acids, which all play important roles on keeping your heart ticking over as it should. They also help to increase Nitric Oxide concentrations, which helps to dilate the blood vessels and boost circulation.

Great source of magnesium

While these seeds are packed full of nutrients proven to improve health and wellness, in particular, you’ll find a high concentration of magnesium in pumpkin seeds. Why is this important? Because magnesium helps regulate blood pressure, promotes a good night’s sleep, keeps blood glucose levels stable, maintains healthy bones, lowers your risk of heart disease, regulates hormonal balances, and much more. Magnesium is also a very effective mineral when it comes to mental health, so the more you consume, the less-likely a mental health disorder may be.

Immune system support

Pumpkin seeds are very nutritious. They contain vitamin K, B vitamins, copper, magnesium, manganese, iron, phosphorus, fatty acids, and zinc. All of these nutrients play a key role in ensuring the immune system functions healthily as it should.

As you know, the healthier your immune system is, the healthier you will be as a result. The zinc in pumpkin seeds in particular, works well to strengthen the immune system, plus as an added bonus, it promotes sexual health and fertility as well.

Fights cancer

While research is still ongoing, early findings are extremely positive. Pumpkin seeds have shown great promise when it comes to cancer prevention. Some findings have revealed evidence to suggest that pumpkin seeds contain active compounds that kill cancerous cells. Others have found that the seeds can help to prevent certain strains of cancer such as breast cancer.

Eye health

If you’re concerned about your vision, pumpkin seeds are ideal. The zinc they contain enables vitamin A to make its way from the liver to the retina, where it creates a pigment known as melanin, which helps to protect your eyes.

The next time you’re preparing a pumpkin and you’re about to discard the seeds, why not think again? Pumpkin seeds are equally as nutritious as the pumpkin itself, if not more than, and they also make wonderful snack foods and toppings for your yogurt, soup, and oatmeal as well.


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