Awesome Ginger Compress to Lose 1 Inch of Waist While You Sleep


The waist line is the most difficult body part in terms of losing weight. Moreover, it gets easily accumulated with fat if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, but there is a miraculous solution for you that does not involve starvation. You can use it overnight and very soon after its regular use you will restore your optimal waistline. Follow reading and find out the trick that can help you with the loss of abdominal fat.

The method that we are about to present originates from the traditional Chinese medicine, and by its use you will manage to lower your waist up to1 inch in just a few nights. It is based on the use of ginger compress that will attack your abdominal fat ferociously, and reduce the bulges that you must hate. Plus, it will provide you a slimmer waistline and the skin will get firmer.

The Benefits of Ginger

This root is well-recognized in the traditional Asian medicine and has been used for the treatment of various health issues like nausea, vomiting, muscle tension and indigestion. The potency of ginger lies in the content of an active ingredient known as ginger that reveals a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Thanks to this content ginger can help in the treatment of various health conditions.

In addition to this it demonstrates strong antioxidant action and because of that it is an integral part in many commercial slimming products. Ginger boosts the metabolism thereby initiating the process of calorie burning. Bear in mind the fact that the topical use of ginger can substantially decrease the volume of subcutaneous fat.

The ginger compress is not difficult to prepare, in fact, most of the used ingredients are already present in your kitchen cabinets.

Here it is how to prepare it:

Ginger Compress to Burn Fat

Needed Ingredients and Things:

  • 1 tablespoon of ginger powder and ginger, nicely grated
  • 4 to 5 tablespoons of almond oil,organic
  • 2 drops of lemon essential oil (optional use)
  • A roll of plastic wrapper
  • A large towel
  • Adhesive elastic band


Soak the towel in warm water and then put it around your waist in order that each body area affected by fat is being covered with it. Let it stand for 5 minutes and the warm towel will open the pores of the body.

Meanwhile mix the almond oil and ginger and then add the 2 drops of lemon essential oil. The resulting mixture slowly apply it on the body parts with fat that you want to remove. Secure the mixture by wrapping the place several times with a film of food. In the end, use the adhesive elastic band. Leave it to act for at least six hours in order to achieve best results.

It may burn a little bit when applying it on the areas affected with fat, but there is no need for alarm, it is a normal and good reaction meaning that the mixture works.

If you want you can place this compress before bedtime and remove it in the morning provided that it does not disturb your sleep.If you use it regularly, every day, in just few weeks you will have a significant reduction in the abdominal fat.Your favorite jeans will not be stored in the closet anymore but you will be the one that will proudly wear them.


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