9 Signs That Adrenal Fatigue is Behind Your Anxiety, Sleep Problems And Joint Pain


The term adrenal fatigue indicates to the condition in which the adrenal glands have problems with dealing with stress and busy schedule. And in this case, you are expected to feel dull, overworked, and extremely fatigued.

Even though adrenal fatigue cannot be diagnosed by your doctor, these warning signals mean that there might be something wrong which needs to be addressed right away.

9 Signs Of Adrenal Fatigue

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1. You’re Feeling Overwhelmed By Life

Sadly, many people ignore self-care and forget to give their health the attention it needs until it’s too late. It’s of high importance to try out several self-care practices, which are necessary for your success. Moreover, you need to stay away from everything that doesn’t help you and concentrate on self-care practices instead.

2. You Can’t Sleep

Your body requires 8-10 hour of sleep every night recovering and recharging. However, a lot of people don’t get enough sleep which affects our balance. You can change this by starting a new, healthier habit.

Even if you struggle to fall asleep, try to go to bed by 10:30. Relax your body, try meditation or take a warm bath.

3. You Feel Exhausted After Working Out

Are you aware of the fact that exercise should make you feel energized, rather than feeling fatigued and tired? However, too much exercise can do the opposite and you might end up with added stress on your adrenal glands.

If you are exercising regularly, yet you aren’t reaching the desired results and you are having troubles with stomach fat, change your exercise routine for more gentle forms such as yoga, walking, and stretching.

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4. Your Hormones Are Feeling Wacky

Your thyroid might be affected during the second stage of adrenal fatigue, which can cause symptoms such as poor circulation, weight gain, dry hair, fatigue, and dry hair and skin. Whenever the adrenal glands have troubles coping with stress levels, the hormone precursor steps in. This eventually results in hormone imbalance.

The symptoms of a hormone imbalance, including increased PMS symptoms and irregular cycle, are highly unpleasant. To treat these symptoms you should reduce caffeine intake, drink plenty of water, follow a nourishing diet,  get enough rest, and add adaptogenic herbs into your nutrition.

5. You’re Feeling Overly Anxious or Depressed

Adrenal hormones influence cognitive function, mood, and mental stress. Your busy schedule might cause an adrenaline rush and therefore influence the functions above.

Anxiety and depression are both directly connected to stress, which indicates that we are less patient and a lot more frustrated. Therefore, you need to take some alone time and try out some self-care practices.

6. You’ve Got Cravings for Salt

Cravings for salt are actually a pretty common drawback of hormonal imbalance. This is mostly because of the fact that the body needs sodium and other minerals. When the production of salt-retaining hormone is decreased, you might start craving salty snacks and experience heart palpitations, dizziness, and low blood pressure.

Therefore make sure you get the adequate amount of minerals by using seaweeds such as kelp and dulse, adding mineral drops to your water, or using a high-quality Himalayan pink salt in your cooking.

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7. You Feel Stiff & Sore

One of the common symptoms of adrenal fatigue and stress is feeling stiff and sore. You might feel stress in the back, jaw, or the neck. In order to solve this issue, you need to improve your sleeping, try out yoga or meditation, and enjoy a warm, relaxing bath.

8. You’re Relying on Caffeine to Get You Through the Afternoon

Drinking coffee doesn’t give us energy, instead, it only lends it to us. Even though caffeine benefit you get through the day by working as a stimulant, it influences your adrenal glands and puts the body in stress mode as well. Instead, you should try herbal teas and coffee substitutes!

9. Your Digestion is Off

If you are under stress, your digestion can be off and therefore you neglect to get the most of the food you consume.  This is a normal reaction because functions such as metabolism and digestion downregulate in adrenal fatigue mode. And you will probably experience diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, bloating, and weight gain.

In order to solve this issue, you need to improve your diet and recharge supplementation including drinking lemon water, drinking plenty of water,  getting enough minerals,  taking a probiotic, and taking the time to enjoy your meals.


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