7 Super Simple Ways To Prevent Sinus Infection


There is nothing worse than having a sinus infection. The nagging cough, the green mucus combined with a headache that won’t stop, will probably keep you in bed all day. Thankfully, there are some super simple ways to prevent sinus infections.

Here are the 7 super simple ways to prevent sinus infections:

1. More vitamin C

Doctors always suggest drinking more orange juice while you’re sick. The reason behind it is because oranges are packed with vitamin C which can help you fight infections.

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2. Blow your nose often

Do not try to slurp back your mucus into your nose just to avoid blowing for the 100th time.  This will only get you into more trouble. Use tissues that are soft and have lotion in them. Keep your nose passages as clear as possible.

3. Avoid cigarette smoke and other contaminants

Do you know what is nasal cilia? It’s the little hairs inside your nose that filter the toxins you inhale. Cilia is not the hairs you see peeking through your nose, they’re not visible to the naked eye. The tiny hairs can easily get irritated by pollution and things such as cigarette smoke. Avoid cigarette smoke to prevent irritation and congestion.

4. Use nasal sprays

When you’re constantly blowing your nose, the nasal passages get really dry. When the cilia gets too dry, they can’t function properly and prevent sinus infection. The best thing to do to prevent the dryness and keep the area moist is to use nasal spray.

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5. Use probiotics instead of antibiotics

Antibiotics can be inevitable in some cases. Although they’ll cure the infection, they’ll take out the good bacteria, too. Try using probiotics while you’re using the antibiotics. The probiotics will help you restore the balance of good bacteria. Sometimes people use only probiotics to treat infections such as urinary tract infections and sinus cavities.

6. Use a Neti Pot

A Neti pot can help you flush mucus and infection and they’re the best way to prevent a sinus infection. Don’t use tap water with the pots. Use only distilled water since it’s the best water for an already inflamed area. The saline can definitely help you get rid of a sinus infection.

7. Have a deviated septum repaired

A deviated septum can cause chronic sinus problems. Some people even have a hole in their septum which causes major sinus problems and pain that can be even treated with meds. Surgery might not be the ideal solution, but it’s a permanent fix for someone who suffers from severe sinus infections.


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