Simple Fix For Vertigo

A doctor at the University of Colorado Hospital has become a YouTube sensation. That’s because she has developed a simple maneuver to treat vertigo at home. CBS4 Specialist Kathy Walsh first explained the treatment in a story in 2012. Since then, it’s gotten 2.6 million views on Sue Ricker says that’s because it works. Vertigo sent Ricker’s […]

Harvard Wellness Practitioner Reveals A Trick To Fall Asleep In Less Than 1 Minute

Having trouble sleeping? This breathing trick can help you fall asleep in less than a minute! The method was developed by Harvard-educated, wellness practitioner Dr. Andrew Weil, who specializes in breathing, meditation, and how it can be used to counteract stress. HOW DOES THIS METHOD WORK? Once you develop this breathing technique by practicing it every day, […]

Weight Chart For Women: What’s Your Ideal Weight According To Your Body Shape, Age and Height

The weight which our body needs in order to perform the most optimal functions is considered to be ideal. Many people desire to have balanced weight, but the gap between their real weight and the desired one is too big. In this article, we’re going to present you how to check your body mass index! […]

Consume One Cup Daily – You Stomach Fat Will Vanish In 10 Days

In today’s article we’ll share with you one super slimming recipe that it perfect for all of those out there who’d like to shed a few pounds and get back in shape. The recipe includes cinnamon and honey, two super health beneficial ingredients, which aside from promoting weight loss will boost your overall health as well. […]

Tips From World’s Leading Experts: Look 10 Years Younger Overnight Using Coconut Oil In 5 Different Ways

You may have already heard about the beneficial properties that coconut oil has, especially when it comes to beauty. Do you want to start using coconut oil? Then this article is the one for you because you will read about many homemade recipes with coconut oil that can help you achieving your goals. Chemical-Free Shaving […]

5 Nighttime Drinks To Cleanse Your Liver And Burn Fat While You Sleep

The following 5 recipes for bedtime drinks will help you sleep better as well as detoxify your liver. Liver detox is particularly important if you want to lose weight because it cleanses the blood thus promotes the fat digestion and increases the metabolic rate. Liver health has been compromised by poor dietary choices and continued […]