Tibetan monks are famous for their white teeth. Have you ever wonder why this is? The secret is in their traditional recipe that we are going to present to you. This remedy is very easy to prepare and you could prepare it at the comfort of your home. Traditional Tibetan recipe: This remedy will help you […]

Early Ovarian Cancer Symptoms Every Woman Needs To Know

The abdomen is the place where most of the organs are placed. That’s why it’s very hard to diagnose ovarian cancer, especially in the early stage, because the symptoms and pain are similar to other possible diseases. So, we can agree that ovarian cancer does not show any specific symptomatic characteristics in the early stages. […]

Coronavirus Symptoms: Prevention And Home Remedies!

Coronavirus is a contagious infection and adequate measures should be taken to prevent its spread and treat. Here we provide you complete details about coronavirus symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. What is a Coronavirus? Coronavirus is a type of virus that affects mammals; it is seen in humans, camels, bats, cats, dogs, etc. Coronavirus definition: […]

It is the Most Powerful Antioxidant and It’ll Cleanse Your Arteries from LDL Cholesterol

The high cholesterol is a worldwide health issue that leads to numerous cardiovascular problems. Many people choose prescription drugs in order to decrease it, but they can cause various negative side-effects that can lead to further problems. Fortunately, Mother Nature always got our backs. Basil is a known common plant that can successfully lower your […]

This Tibetan Herb Recipe Brought Me Down To 114 lbs From 182 lbs IN JUST 3 MONTHS

Whenever we think of fruits, the picture of apples, oranges, grapes and bananas flash across the mind’s eye. But do we ever think of Kudampuli? Well, many of us are not even aware of the fact that such a fruit exists! Kudampali is also known as the fruit of Garcinia Cambodia. Want to know more about Kudampuli? What is […]

Eating 6 Roasted Garlic Cloves Will Heal Your Body Just in 24 Hours

Garlic is definitely one of the healthiest foods on the planet! This natural miracle is able to treat numerous diseases, and due to its potent medicinal properties, it is used worldwide. It has been traditionally used to reduce cholesterol levels, control high and low blood pressure, treat coronary heart disease, stimulate blood flow, and prevent […]