86 Year Old Woman Heals Scoliosis And Goes Through Drastic Body Transformation Using Yoga

Yoga has existed for centuries and its benefits are well known to all of us. Now, 86 year old Anna Pesce’s story adds to the list further and also tells us that it is really never too late. Anna had been a patient of kyphosis, a condition that left her in an extremely painful hunchback position, due […]

According to a Study: Eating Chocolate and Drinking Red Wine Could Help Prevent Aging

The numerous benefits of red wine and dark chocolate are believed to be a result of the presence of a natural chemical called resveratrol. Resveratrol is a polyphenic bioflavonoid antioxidant produced by certain plants and found in foods and drinks and is classified as a phytoestrogen because of its ability to interact with estrogen receptors […]

Adorable Six-Month-Old Dachshund Puppy Becomes A Social Media Star Thanks To Her Unusual Coat

The unusual dappled coat and dazzling blue eyes of a six-month-old dachshund puppy keep charming the world. Get prepared- for you are going to fall in love! Thanks to her irresistible looks, one attractive dachshund puppy keeps enchanting the world! Many claim she looks like a chocolate chip cookie, so she is absolutely delicious! The […]

That’s Too Wuff! Loyal Golden Retriever ‘Protects’ Crying Girl As She Is Being Told Off By Her Mother

A mother from China posted a video of the reaction of the family pet while she is scolding her 2-year-old daughter Parents always try to find the best company for their kids, especially when they are smaller. Very often, these companions turn to be the family pets! It’s not a secret and many experts agree […]

Coffee and Chocolate Make You Smarter, According To The Latest Neuroscience

Neuroscience continues to reveal interesting facts about the positive effects of some of our favorite drinks and foods, such as the finding that coffee and (to a lesser extent) tea and chocolate tend to make brains healthier and more resilient. According to a joint study from the National Institute on Aging and Johns Hopkins University, […]

90% of Weight Loss Is Diet: 24 Foods Will Help You Blast Belly Fat, Lose Weight, and Keep It That Way

Your diet is the crucial component of fat loss, and about 80% to 90% of the success or failure will be attributed to the foods and drinks you consume. However, a diet is not a simple deprivation of certain foods, but a lifestyle decision, so you should choose to change the food you eat, the […]

Heartwarming Moment Rescue Piglets Try To Nurse From Fellow Rescue Kitten

A litter of thirsty piglets befriend a four-month-old cat and try to nurse from him. True friendship knows no boundaries nor species- and this adorable group of companions, piglets, and a cat, proves it! A video reveals the amazing moment when rescued and thirsty little piglets tried to nurse from a cat! Adrienne Jacobs, 32, […]

A Wild Black Bear Casually Joined This Family’s Picnic, And They Pretty Much All Just Chilled

Kaitlyn Nesbit uploaded a video to TikTok, showing five people sitting around a table in Maryland before a black bear joins them and is fed a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich. Summer is the perfect time to get some fresh air, somewhere in the wild. Many families decide to spend a weekend or more in the […]